Payment Guide

1. Prepaid payment method

Customers transfer, transfer, pay directly in cash or through the card before we ship.

a. Transfer



Account number

Vietnam Export Import Bank - Cong Hoa Branch

1404 1485 1008 599

Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank - Phan Huy Ich Branch

0600 4190 4332

Bank For Foreign Trade Of Vietnam - Sai Gon North Branch

0501 0000 20854

Vietnam Bank Of Agriculture And Rural Development - Sai Gon North Branch

6321 2010 06081

b. Direct payment by cash or card (Visa, credit card ...)

- Customers come to Truong Phu office to make payment, our staff will guide you. You pay attention when the payment must have a receipt of our company.

- In case the customer pays by Visa or Master card by card at Truong Phu Company, you must bring your card and the right card holder to collect the coupon and sign the receipt. We will not be responsible when Customer uses another person's card for payment. Immediately after checking and receiving the "Yes" from the bank, we will proceed to delivery and delivery to you in the shortest time.

2. Mode of delivery - Pay cash

- Method of Delivery - Cash only applies to areas where we support free delivery (refer to delivery policy) or pay directly at Truong Phu warehouse.

- COD service (transportation service unit will deliver on behalf of Truong Phu company and receive cash at customer's store) is used to serve customers in areas not supported to deliver the goods. enlarged.

3. Postpaid payment method

Customers transfer money, transfer, direct payment by cash or by card after we have finished delivery.

4. Method of direct payment

Online Paypal Payments

  • Paypal payment instructions